Engaging Financial Institution Customers

02 11-2016
Engaging Financial Institution Customers

As we prepare for a national launch of our mobile app and explore distribution channels, we see the financial services industry as one of our biggest opportunities. The reason- not only do we engage the valuable homebuyer and seller before anyone else, we build tremendous trust with them in the process. Here is how.


1. Change the Conversation- Customers are interested in what is going on in and around their biggest asset, their home. We have the ability to make the financial institution the expert in this arena. We also help keep the conversation fresh and different than what a customer is used to.
2. Provide Valuable and Relevant Information- J.D. Power found that to optimize customer satisfaction and build a better relationship a customer should be ‘touched’ seven times across different communication channels. We offer multiple tools and engaging content to achieve seven touches more efficiently.
3. Build Trust Before Selling- The type of content we provide not only educates the public with relevant and valuable information; it makes the financial institution the expert. Providing this value-add service over time as opposed to trying to sell all the time, helps build tremendous trust.
4. Incentivize Engagement- To further encourage engagement, we offer a cash-back program for any customer that utilizes the financial institution’s co-branded real estate tool.
5. Provide Content Geared to Mobile Customer- Want to display valuable data relevant to the costumer’s home and area in a mobile friendly manner across multiple mobile marketing channels? We can do that!
6. Provide Additional Marketing Channel- The consumer spends 25% of their media time on a mobile device (KPCB August 2016 “The Financial Brand”) Our co-branded app provides the financial institution with an additional tool to reach the consumer directly and at a time the consumer is about to spend a lot of money.
7. Capitalize Relevant and Targeted Information- Once a customer shows interest in real estate in their area of town, the financial institution is able to send more targeted marketing messages.
8. Provide Cross-selling Opportunities- The customer that is getting ready to buy or sell a home is also going to consider other banking products, including auto loans, insurance, financial planning and more. Learning about a customer’s real estate interest early helps the financial institution cross-sell more effectively and lessen the likelihood of annoying those customers not interested in additional marketing products.

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